Self-Help Provision and Maintenance of Housing Infrastructure in Akure, Nigeria

Alexander Adeyemi Fakere, Eseroghene O Dafiewhare
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Volume 8 (2024)  •  pp. 025-040

This study examined self-help provision and maintenance of infrastructure in two communities in Akure, to identify the current modes and nature of infrastructure development in those communities.

Community participation is the involvement of people in community projects to solve their own problems. In developing countries like Nigeria, communities have resorted to self-help efforts to provide and maintain the infrastructural facilities in their neighbourhoods due to government neglect. This has negative effects on the state of the infrastructure due to meagre resources and technical know-how.

A cross-sectional survey of 198 households was conducted in the study area. Data were collected through questionnaire survey and physical observations while the data was subjected to Single-Factor Descriptive Analysis.

Findings reveal poor state of infrastructure, pervasive self-help provision and maintenance of infrastructure in the study areas and that the conditions in the two communities are similar.

The study recommended that the authorities responsible for infrastructure provision and maintenance in the study area should live up to their responsibilities, while ensuring that the community members are involved in this process.

Original Research (Combination)  |  Community development, Infrastructure provision, Infrastructure maintenance, Self-help, Sustainable development
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