We are always looking for partners with the same interests, namely to make our world a better place for humans using digital innovations, while at the same time, being proactive and vocal in studying, cautioning and demonstrating to all stakeholders what may go wrong. Our ultimate concern is the wellbeing of humans. 

There are many ways to partner and/or associate with us. You can partner with us (by sharing the same values and with or without a sponsorship) as: (1) an individual, (2) an organizations, (3) a chapter, (4) etc...

By partnering with us, you will be listed on this page with a link to your web page. As a partner, you

  • would participate in our meetings and symposiums
    • guest speaker
    • product showcase
    • panel discussion
    • present paper
    • etc...
  • engage in our community online
  • mentor our student members
  • provide internships to our students
  • share data with our resarch communities
  • have access to experts for consulting
  • etc...

If you are interested to be our partner on this journey, please email us at

Kind regards


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