Frequently asked questions.
How long does it take to publish my article?

There are many variables that play a role in the time it takes for an article to be published. However, typically, for an original research article, a desk review for appropriateness and fit of the submission is done within 3 days. Then we aim to assign and review the article and provide you feedback with guidance between 4 to 8 weeks. Every review for a revision may take up to 4 weeks. The amount of time it takes the author to revise depends on the author(s). Once all revisions are done and the article is accepted, then it is expected to be published within a week.This process would be much shorter for other types of articles such as opinion paper, position paper, etc...

What are the steps for paper processing?

All submissions (done through the INDIRE Information Systems - IIS) go through a double blind review process, regardless of their type.

  1. Submit article using IIS
  2. Desk review (accept/reject)
  3. Assign reviewers
  4. Reviewer feedback
  5. Response to Author(s) including reviewer feedback
    1. Accept as is
    2. Reject
    3. Accept with revisions
  6. If accepted with revisions, then submit revised article
  7. Review of revised article (steps 5 to 7 may occur multiple times)
  8. If accepted as is OR accepted after revision, then send for publications
  9. Editorial verification of article (Editor may communicate with Author(s) for final editorial issues)
  10. Publish and upload to website.
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